Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday, bread baked

HPs breathing began to be rattly this morning, couldn't clear his airway, so I raised the bedhead, put big bowl of water near (no humidifier in the house) and talked quietly and reassuringly to him, then called the hospice nurse on call. This is all following the list of instructions that came with their packet of info.

Eventually he did manage to cough and sneeze and clear his throat, good for the moment.

Nice lady, my turn to be reassured, which I was, nothing else to do right now, she would notify his regular hospice nurse to be prepared for this tomorrow on her visit. Meanwhile, keep him comfortable. Notified HS, and insisted he still go to the shore today, day trip, as planned, should enjoy his free time, and set up a procedure if I need him in a hurry soon.

Then I got the baked loaves out of the oven.

Interesting pattern in how different materials bake at different speeds. The teflon are rapid, even, nice, the glass slower but not too bad, and the Corning is going to be a nice planter, I think...

But I did succeed in getting a supply of bread organized. At some point I'm going to treat The Great Me to another couple of teflon loaf pans.

Princess Kate is now completed, at least her body parts are, and I have to assemble her and stuff it...the book solemnly warns "do not stuff the arms". No idea why. Maybe it would interfere with the Royal Wave.

So, here one step in front of another, okay for now, at least I will be.


  1. Reading every day and holding ou and Andy in the light. Love the Royal Wedding comic relief.


  2. Just dropping in to tell you that I am with you in this hard time! I often think of you. Don`t forget to take care of yourself!
    Tina in Germany

  3. I'm keeping you both in my thoughts every day - hang in there.

  4. That bread looks delicious. I can almost smell it from here. I'm sure the planter bread will make wonderful toast, if a little odd in shape.

    Have you seen the photos of the latest royal wedding? Somewhat toned down headwear from the younger Windsors. Prinnie Anne looked very nice however I thought Camilla looked as though she had part of someone's bouquet stuck to her head. You could have some fun with that outfit.

    Your crisis-management seems to be working well. Phew!! Take care.

  5. The bread and the soup both look yummy and so anchoring. Hugs to you and HP.


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