Friday, July 29, 2011

And now for something entirely different...

I can't help it. Even in this situation, comic relief keeps on getting in.

First an update: HP is being very well attended by his aide, who comes twice daily, and is totally on top of things, such a relief. She's shampooing his hair even as I type, very cheerful chatting with him. Friends have stopped by briefly, too, including his heroic physio,and he seems to know them, and is trying to talk with them, very cheering sign.

His aide had him in his chair, reclined, with masses of pillows, for a while yesterday while the new official mattress and airpad were installed, so he was pleased to have a different view of the patio. Joy, she is the first aide from an agency I ever had who does the Hoyer lift unaided, so I don't need to be present and pressed into assisting.

And he's eating tiny amounts, teaspoonful of crushed fresh orange, two spoons of greek yogurt, few ounces of smoothie. That's all he can manage,but he quite enjoys these miniature meals.

Anyway, the comic relief is the wonderful new pattern book Knit Your Own Royal Wedding!

even comes with its own foldout-and-assemble balcony

for the royal group to wave from, once I get it properly assembled and a few figures knitted. It's just too funny for words to read the straightfaced instructions on how to make Camilla's hat, etc., and I will have to try a few of these figures. It was printed, of course, ahead of the wedding, so the Queen's color is now known to be yellow on the day, but the author could only guess ahead of time.

Carol Q. pointed out that the Dollivers, who have been respectfully in abeyance for a while, will definitely be jonesing for a corgi or two. I will remember to point out to them that corgis bite. At least the Queen's do, several footmen having been nipped, since that's how corgis herd cattle -- nip their heels to move 'em along. It
would seem that the Palace has not done the corgi owner training all the books recommend to deter this habit..I suppose if you're a Royal Corgi, you can bite anyone you damn please.

The other reason for comic relief, aside from the blessedness of not having to get up and do two hours of personal care every morning before I've even got my eyes open, is that I saw the endo last evening, two of them, in fact, and they assured me that the thyroid questions are in fact so subtle not worth giving them a priority, just do an ultrasound in three months just in case. Probably a family thing of autoimmune origin, mild thyroid concerns seen here and there in family members. Not, after all, a scary diagnosis. Phew.

Slept last night. That will do a lot for your spirits! Ahead of us is the weekend with no aides nor nurses, unless an emergency happens and I can call the nurse in. So we'll see how we do.

All the neighbors are standing by to be asked for help! what a great group.


  1. It's good to hear that things are going fairly smoothly during this sad time -- I am sending you strength to get through the weekend. Looking forward to seeing your progress on the Royal Family! Who are you attempting first? The Queen, I hope!

  2. I've always wanted to knit the Archbishop of Canterbury (well, Rowan, at least, not all of them) - so if you need a volunteer knitter, give me a shout!

  3. Hooray for good help! I concur that you simply must knit the royal family - will you be doing a fascinator??? Inquiring minds want to know.

  4. Heel nipping corgis - reminds me of the answer to the question as to why sheep dogs are removed if they begin drawing blood - "Once they start to bite in earnest they'll never go back to kibble 'n bits!" - Jean in Cowtown

  5. Must admit those corgis are cute and the D's will definitely want at least one to accompany them on their travels - they will need protection from their adoring fans.

  6. I hope your weekend without the aide goes well. The Dollivers DO need Corgis. They're so cute. Everyone needs Corgis. You need a Corgi. I need a Corgi.

  7. If they get a corgi, they'll just start whining about how they want to have a pony for a gymkhana next.

  8. And what about the teacups?

  9. We're all going to want our own Corgis! Is Duncan helping you knit?

    Good to hear of little bits of progress, and I hope your weekend is quiet and uneventful.

  10. Great to hear that HP has settled in with the new aide and is having some "better" time.

    Isn't that knitting book the most hilarious ever. You could have quite a bit of fun concocting the Princesses' hats. There were certainly enough photos taken of them. I look forward to seeing your productivity.


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