Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Dollivers model their CD cover

The Ds. decided that when they present the Pastoral Symphony, they want the CD cover design to have the appropriate pastoral background. They brushed off Boud's comment that the Pastoral needs more than three, and you have to be able to actually play the instruments before you can release a CD, on the grounds that they are doing first things first.

First the dresses, that's done. Then the pictures for the CD, that's done. Sometime later after the contracts are signed and they hold all the press conferences in several capitals of the world, they will rent a symphony space, and start to practice.

So we went out to the lake, and they posed elegantly against interesting old mosses

and interesting old trees

and then relaxed after this extreme labor.

They also suggested that Boud rise above difficulties just the way they do, and get things in the right order, and all will be well. And they wondered why she snarled a bit as she clicked the camera...


  1. I can see the CD cover now! However, knowing the D's, I think they'd better look into hiring a handsome body guard - if only to keep them out of trouble.

  2. That's the price of fame, they said, calling cheerily out to Boud as she photographed them. Some day, they called, you'll be telling people you knew us when!

  3. Why, oh, why won't the Dollivers be content? Now they want to be great musicians. They're going to throw all those years of med school and all those years of experience as brain surgeons out the window?


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