Monday, July 4, 2011

A likely yarn!

So Freecycle worked its magic today. No sooner had I pulled out some good but unused by us items to put up for the lucky cycler, than I noticed a post about rug yarn...this is heavy duty stuff, which is probably a good candidate for my big tapestries, or bags, or mats, or well, just about anything I guess.

And I was able to get over there and pick it up this afternoon, thanks to kind neighbor stopping in and bringing his puppy, too, to visit with HP, who was delighted with the company of both of them. When I got home and neighbor had departed, HP had a rare lucid moment and said, I think he came over to check on me!

Anyway, here's the haul, all ancient yarn, some from a store that went out of business 40 years ago, but still perfectly fresh, has clearly been in good storage. And, in the middle of it was a candy wrapper. This is a worker after my own heart, liked to have a little something while she worked!


  1. What a pretty puddle of yarn - and so inviting. Makes me want to roll around in its midst. Oops, that's my inner cat coming out. ;-)

  2. lucky you, always good to get free yarn

  3. This is great, the colors are so vibrant. Lucky find!


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