Thursday, July 7, 2011

Some good things get done around here.

The storm of crochet that broke out over the failure of the health aide to show up, has resulted in another bag! these are fun, and I already used the first one at the grocery store, much to the amusement of the checker, who normally sees quite conservative versions of shopping bags. Wait till he sees this second one.

I got to the grocery today thanks to the kindness of our friend next door who offered to go into work a bit late and hang out with HP, to let me get the urgently needed supplies I was supposed to get yesterday during my free time that didn't happen.

Got home to find him reading along with HP the NZ photograph book, despite Duncan's spirited efforts to make them attend to The Great Him. And the neighbor who's building the kitchen shelves where the dw used to be, had dropped by, too, and they were exchanging cat stories.

Eventually neighbor one reluctantly left for work, and neighbor two set to work finishing the shelf job, to my great pleasure at the result.

One drawer in mid-build, so I could see what it was aiming for

Ta-daaaah! partly loaded shelves to show the idea

He will take part payment in art, once he has made up his bill. He'll have a guided tour of the house and pick what he wants to offset some of his $$.

And HS gallantly agreed that if the health aide fails to show tomorrow night when I'm supposed to be off to visit a dear friend I haven't seen in donkey's years, he will leave work early and sit with HP for me. So most things are being organized into working form.

This life has many moving parts!


  1. What great neighbours you have - yay!. Nothing like picture books and animals to get the stories going amongst epople.

    Those pull-out shelves are great. They are looking very nice. We have something similar in our pantry. Very helpful for shorties like me.

  2. I'm glad you've knitted together a solution to the missing aide.

    Love those shopping bags - I'll bet they were grin-inducing!

  3. I'm so glad that you have such good neighbours and so willing to be of help to you. I certainly envy you those pullouts - I need your handyman to come up here and build me some too!!

  4. Your shelves look fantastic, and I think the gliding aspect is a great improvement on my stationary module- like shelves occupying what was once dishwasher space! Here's to many years of shelf enjoyment! - Jean in Calgary


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