Friday, July 8, 2011

Green, but need sunglasses

The Three Bags Full, on their first outing, this time to the Asian store, where the clerk pointed and laughed and said those your bags? heehee. But they worked fine, and the irony abounds when you realize that I came home without a single plastic shopping bag, because I was carrying my stuff in three acrylic, i.e. plastic yarn, shopping bags.

So, they're green in a way. Even though sunglasses are recommended if you get up close! and they've lifted my spirits, not a bad side effect.


  1. Those are fantastic bags - and much less likely to be lifted from your shopping cart because they're so distinctive. Sensible and outrageous - the perfect combination!

  2. I've knit a few bottle socks--they are great insulation and keep the cold water in my water bottles cold longer.

    A friend suggested knitting and felting some wool to make an insulating bag for frozen foods--so if you continue on you green knitting you can think about another style of bag. Knitting for felting (fulling technically) needs to be loose and easy--(and over sized) but its a good option


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