Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Dolliver Trio in Concert

Not to be outdone by the junketings of Boud and HS, the Dollivers have opened their concert series with the Dolliver Trio, on recorders and keyboard.

This came about when they saw some black sequined material, harvested from a little discarded dress in the dumpster, and wondered what occasion this black formal gear would be just right for. And realized that musicians wear black, long lovely dresses, especially with sequins and everyone looks at them and admires their style, and I pointed out that musicians also have to work and rehearse and play instruments, as well as get tricked out for the big night.

Brushing this off, but I think they've secretly been practicing while the household was occupied with other crises this month, they instructed me to get moving with the camera and be ready for their closeups.

So here are the Ds Trio, ready for the show

And waiting for the orchestra to strike up

And here operating rather large instruments with great dexterity, they claim

Finally, they take a bow.

They are refusing to take off the concert dresses, on the grounds that you never know what media people might show up, and they need to be ready at all times for their public.

I hear this group might be planning to go on tour. Watch this space.


  1. Great choice of gowns - the spotlight will make 'em shimmer and we know how the Dollivers like to sparkle! Thanks for the update on their latest doings.


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