Thursday, June 2, 2011

Weaving outside the lines

I just got done framing this piece (which is 20 x 16 inches, for them as wants to know these things) ready to deliver for the July Libe show. Our local artists collective is putting on a show on the theme of Words for the summer, which fits in with the summer program for all ages, classes and explorations and trips and all kinds of good stuff on the same theme. This is the program for which Donna S. and I had our paper adventures a while back!

But this is part of the grownup stuff, and it's a crossover between fiberarts and works on paper, since it's woven paper and postage stamps. It's been done for ages, but had to dry and settle and get its act together before I could frame it. So now that's done. These were ancient, not valuable, stamps, all permanently glued together from long storage, and asking for a way to be useful again.


  1. Letters and stamps - a perfect combination! Seeing this might be the closest I get to seeing any real letters in my mailbox for awhile - our post office is set to go on strike. The nerve!!

  2. Very colourful. Loved looking at the stamps to see which/what I recognised.

  3. It's beautiful - I really like it!

  4. I love it! I hope you show it to us again framed and hung. Another of your fine "thinking pieces" ... it makes me do just that.

  5. 3rd time posting - hope they don't all show up...
    I love this. I like the color and the soothing effect of the balance.


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