Monday, June 20, 2011

Bicycle, parked. At the park

Seems logical seen that way.

On walk this afternoon unexpected comic relief: a group of teenage boys kicking a bunch of soccer balls around on the field, one gives a mighty swipe, ball sails, lands in pin oak, stays there.

Boys gather round with a second ball, toss it up to dislodge the first ball. Second ball settled right in beside the first one. Stays there.

Frantic search for a third ball. Toss that up, one ball rolls about a bit, third ball returns, others do not.

I took pity on them and left at that point, not wishing to dent their pride even further by watching the train wreck. As I left I could hear them you got to CLIMB it then, you did it! climb it how, branches are fifteen feet off the ground? get a long pole. Where? and so on.

I didn't even take their picture, because I'm a nice person. And because there were five of them and one of me..

I wonder if they ended up tossing the bicycle up to dislodge the soccer balls, and then tossing one of their number up to dislodge the bicycle.

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  1. Well, if they'd been playing with a real ball, like a rugby ball, it wouldn't have got stuck in the tree in the first place. Silly boys!!


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