Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day and Juneteenth

Happy Father's Day to everyone who has a father, would like to be one, is one, yes, there are male blogistas checking in, perhaps blogistos would be a better word. And Happy Juneteenth to those who celebrate that historical date when word of freedom finally made it to the people who needed to hear it.

And to celebrate all this, the first daylily of the year bust out this morning

posing also with the lavender

and a busy Charlotte had woven a wonderful web out on the patio

closer, see the rainbow?

Early morning quiet time, me and nature and my camera.

Some good news on the HP front: we have found a person, highly recommended, very nice, to come in twice weekly for three hours to do personal care for HP. She came to meet us yesterday, met son, too, who happened to be there, and we all liked each other. She's unafraid of the Hoyer lift, this is a first, and unafraid to give (not dispense, I count out and put in place) medications. Huge relief to me to have some help with all this. Just two visits per week is what HP can afford, since I have to be a good steward of his tiny savings, and no insurance covers this care. But what we can do, we're doing, and it does look better than a few days ago.


  1. Very good to read this very good person you've found. Happy to hear it.

    Charlotte's work looks like she's 'spinnning' a gossamer LP! so lovely.

  2. Good tohear you have a little help with Andy.
    Love Charlotte's "installation"; Must have heard about your weaving and concluded this was a good artsy spot to show off.

  3. Very happy to hear that you have found someone to give you a little time off - she sounds like she'll be a perfect fit.

  4. Hurray for the help! Lovely web - no matter what we humans create, we can't duplicate nature without a lot of training. :)


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