Friday, June 3, 2011

Invisible strength

This post is partly about caregiving and how you need to have a life as well as devote care to another person, and partly about how gracefully Ruth L. does just that.

Her husband's birthday was yesterday, and they were at the library, he with his favorite Statue of Liberty (his number one Lady) shirt, and a new Marilyn Monroe calendar (his number two Lady, same birthday as he) in the company of his, her joke, this, number three Lady, Ruth! she had saved the calendar since the beginning of the year so as to surprise him, and he was so happy, making it to another birthday. His DOB June 2, 1925.

Ruth, in her own eighties, gleefully reminding us that this is her ninth decade, is still active in training physical therapists, with her husband in attendance as she does so. Against all odds, she pursues her profession, and maintains an amazing balance in her life.

The picture at the header is of an invisble spider web, blown out of the sunshine for a moment, but still there, strong as ever. As caregivers often are.

And this is the picture of the web, in the sunshine, same web, only now you can see it, shining and strong as Ruth.

And here's Ruth

Happy Birthday, J! and congratulations, Ruth!


  1. Beautiful! Thank you, Liz!
    Warm wishes to J and wonderful Ruth!

  2. Another awesome woman like you Liz.

  3. Caregivers are a breed all unto their own and are most deserving of any accolades they get. Well written tribute to a lovely lady!

  4. I needed a good dose of Liz Wisdom today ... so glad I made it here and how serendipitous for me that Ruth is present as well! I love their story and the way you so beautifully share it.

    I know you're not aware of it, but for the last few months my thoughts have turned to you and your example over the years of knowing you ... how you've worked so hard to stay present, active and true to who you are ... achieving yourself the very fine art of balance with that of caregiver, as does the lovely Ruth.

  5. I quite agree. You and Ruth, Liz, are both remarkable women.

  6. There is a ancient Hebrew saying that goes something like this...when you die, you will not be asked why you were not like somebody else (insert name of admired one here) but why you were not the best You you could have been. One thing I admire about you is that you are always the best YOU you can be and you recognize that quality in others.


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