Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lights, Cameras, Music, Diners!!

Tonight Handsome Son and I left Handsome Partner in the capable hands of Helen G., and went off to one of New Jersey's finest, a Greek diner, never mind the name

it's changed hands several times, and we refer to it as the diner opposite the Superfresh. Except that the Superfresh is now closed, so I guess it's the diner opposite where the Superfresh used to be.

Which reminds me of a colleague who was famous for giving street directions that required historical knowledge to follow them, such as "turn on the corner where the department store used to be that burned down, and now it's a parking lot, and go five traffic lights, and you're there."

Be that as it may, we had a riotous time and were left undisturbed to chat and laugh and generally whoop it up, by my standards, anyway. Unlike the two EMTs at a nearby booth, who came in after us, had barely eaten a bite before they were beeped and we saw them racing off, lights and sirens on, to a call.

I was just thinking they were the kind of huge, calm guys you really want in an emergency, and next thing you know, they were off to attend one.

You can't leave a NJ diner without a portrait of the dessert display.

And since I had extra time I got all my food shopping done, yay, and caught the town fountain, all lit up in my honor.

Life is good!


  1. What a lovely evening. I hope you sampled the desserts. Of course the fountain was on for you - beautiful too.


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