Friday, June 17, 2011


Two local friends posing for me so I could show them to HP at home!

Whatever Happened to Fridays? this life has no weekends! and I'm really hoping to get more help set up. Not before July, they tell me -- this very good group schedules by the month, and they have to see who they can get, etc., and get back to me, usual story. Odd how it now seems a long time to wait, considering how long I've been doing this by myself.

But at this point, every bite has to be fed, every sip offered with a straw, close observation to be sure he can swallow, mouthwash and bowl held, no more letting him use a razor to do a wet shave, it's all different. Explaining now you bite, now you suck, now you spit the mouthwash, it's all very puzzling to him to remember what to do.

And more seizing to contend with, more medication to decide about, since a couple of them are really up to my judgment, depending on how well he's doing.

So I have to look at my own schedule, to make sure I get meals, too! I'm figuring out how to do all this currently, without ending with permanent indigestion. And when I can safely go upstairs to shower and dress and all that.

The big change is that he can't be left with any unskilled however well meaning person. No more student respite people, I think, lovely as they are. Not fair to ask a kid to be in charge of this situation, however many safeguards I put in place.

And leaving him alone for a few minutes while I take a walk, vital for my own back, is more dodgy, but I am determined to get my walks in. I grab a time when he's sleeping.

As to what friends far away can do, several people having indicated they wish they knew, here are a couple of thoughts: letters in the actual mail are wonderful! if you want our address, please email me and I'll send it. Especially letters with furrin stamps, very exciting around here. The other day we got a postcard from Heather, which thrilled both of us. I read it out to him, twice, and he examined the view of Banff on it and I explained several times who sent it, etc., and all in all, we both got a lot of value out of it. Things like that. And he still loves handmade bookmarks, even though books other than images are in his past now. Cards with animals always hugely welcome! and flowers, and artwork, you know the kind of thing.

And his 79th birthday comes up on June 27.

For me, letters, emails, general cheerful messages to remind me you remembered me, are all wonderful, very welcome and cheering and whatever you say is lovely, don't worry about oh gosh what to of your families, and arts and hobbies and trips, and work stuff, your own life, all very exciting reading to me.

Meanwhile, have a nice weekend, if there's one on the cards for you, heh.


  1. Email your postal address to klparmley at gmail dot com. I'm going to the beach this weekend and should be able to find a card worth sending.

  2. I'm very glad the postcard arrived! I'm hamstrung from sending more - we're in the midst of a postal strike, and when I mailed the first, the rotating strikes had already started. The mailboxes here are actually screwed shut: a metal plate to hold the chute closed with a sticker that says 'temporarily out of service.'

    We're crossing our fingers and hoping to have mail again soon!


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