Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Luck of the Chimney Sweep

Today, it was the chimney sweep's biannual visit to look at, maybe clean, the chimney, and look at, maybe clean, the dryer vent. Patt and company have been visiting us for lo these many years, and now she's where she sends someone else up to the two storey high roof

to check the pressure on the dryer vent, while she writes up the paperwork safely on the ground, in sight of the climber.

HP had remembered this morning that it's considered lucky for a new bride to be kissed by a sweep on the way out of the church, she in her wedding regalia, he in his top hat, carrying sweep's brushes, and often soot. We told Patt and sidekick this, and though she said, hm, never heard of that, but I have heard of a handshake with a sweep being lucky.

Sidekick commented that they were recently at a Chimney Sweeps' Convention, who knew, but evidently they have them, and there was a contingent of Scottish sweeps in top hats, with shirts imprinted with "Kiss Me! I'm a Sweep!" so he believed me.

When she stopped laughing, Patt then shook hands with HP, to bring him luck! he was actually quite thrilled about this, and told a neighbor who stopped by later for a chat.

Having Patt visit is like seeing a relative you don't see often -- exchange of family news and views and illnesses and recoveries and so on. This is why a small town can be a very good place to live.

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