Friday, June 10, 2011

Cliche title about bowls of cherries...

Update on HP is that things are looking a bit better today, lucid, able to express himself better, needed to be fed breakfast and medication, unable to manage cups, spoons, etc., but he was able to chew and swallow, a big deal at this point, according to his great Doctor P. And he is more or less able to sit upright in his chair.

So, though experience has taught me not to be too sanguine at any one time, so far so good. Clearly there's physical deterioration since two days ago, so we'll see if that repairs itself.

Meanwhile, after the heatwave broke, and the huge storms followed and cooled off the world, except that now everything's already dry as a bone again, I ventured out to check on my cherry harvest.

The bushes out front are now pretty vigorously growing, and I found that there was actual fruit on there. The bowl at the header is the first part of this year's crop. Quite a few unripe berries in there, too, waiting for a day or so of heat.

I found that these bushes coyly hide the fruit right at the place where the branch comes out from the main trunk, so that at first glance there's nothing, but if you separate and pry at them, you find good stuff. I'm hoping this will enable me to get at them before the birds I am harvesting actual food, a Good Thing.

And today I think I will be able to venture to the studio and see what my latest fiberwork is up to. I crocheted a warp and weft for a big piece, and dyed it, left it up there in the heatwave to dry, or cook as the case may be. So I'll see what's up. Next stage is to fix it to stretchers to form a loom, and then decide, oh heck, now what...usual point of decision making in any artwork, around here, at least.

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  1. We're waiting on the arrival of the BC cherries here. No real fruit trees in Alberta, though we do grow a mean rutabaga.

    Glad to hear that things are stabilized for now.


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