Thursday, June 23, 2011

Limerence in art

Limerence really refers to an overwhelming emotional pull to another person combined with an equal need to have that pull reciprocated. Which in fact describes exactly the situation of an artist about to embark on a new project, any project. That totally-focused need to get into it, get the materials to answer and respond and generally make a team. You can't learn this stuff, you just know it. You can't teach it, your student either knows it or will never know it.

I'm laughing a bit at myself, though the above is dead serious, because limerence tends to hit at the most unlikely projects, such as now, that I actually have found a useful destination for all those little purses I keep making! just putting out the yarns and likely tools, and setting up the picture as if for a still life -- get those negative spaces! created such a sense of oh, this is great.

Anyway, the little purses will go to a Good Cause, as items for a Fall craft sale in support of a terrific local animal rescue group, which does several things: gives them a good home with appreciative buyers, raises some urgently needed $$ for the rescue group, they never have enough, and keeps me out of the bars at night. I did a test drive with a purse which led to the invitation to make them for their cause. Carol instantly put her blackberry or whatever she currently uses, into hers, slung it on her shoulder, and it worked nicely for her.

Speaking of bars at night, in one of which I've never been for the record, or even off the record, I seem to have finally come to a great arrangement with a capable and lovely homecare person who made her first visit last night, and suggested that instead of a morning and an evening visit, I would get more time to myself if she made it two evening visits, that way I could be ready to leave when she arrived. She can do all the care, transfer using the Hoyer, fixing the catheter, all that.

So if I wanted to hang around a bar, I could I guess. More likely I'll visit with friends, maybe get to dinner with them, won't know how to act, gosh, been so long, and play music. And since this nice lady Helen G., will have done the total body care for HP twice weekly, that takes care of a lot of what I would have to do, too. Still some daily care, there's still a lot, but he will always be in reasonably nice shape thanks to her.

No wonder I had an attack of limerence today!


  1. Very uplifting, limerence and all.

  2. Wonderful. Wonderful! WONderful!

  3. Dang! I though you said limericks!

    Good news indeed, Liz. Gordie used to say of people like Helen G., that they should be sent home in Brinks trucks! So good to think of you having the occasional evening out.


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