Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Day, Summer breaks out

This weekend is the Memorial Day holiday weekend, Monday off work for most people, celebrated in the US officially to commemorate our troops particularly those who did not come home, and unofficially as the first weekend of summer. It's bracketed in early September by Labor Day, officially an observance of the dignity of labor, but unofficially the end of the summer season.

Blogistas who wonder why on earth I explain this self evident info: we have readers from ten different countries, and they may not all know this, or have any need to remember it! so I slip in the footnotes here and there, just to be polite.

Anyway, around here, since it was a wonderful day, I noticed on my travels that the first strawberries at the local farm were in, so that was an obvious stop before I came home with all the Bad Food we eat to celebrate the holiday.

Handsome Partner loves strawberries above all fruit, and was suitably thrilled when I brought them out, just hulled, rinsed, dashed with sugar, perfect.

Huge and beautiful fruit.

These were ready picked, because my strawberry picking days (in the fields behind the farmstand) are in abeyance at the moment.

The Bad Food is hot dogs, rolls, pickles, relish and potato chips. For us this is the depth of depravity! very enjoyable, too. And we'll have that for lunch tomorrow while watching people leaping around at the French Open tennis.

I do stop to remember the brave forces who, whether they wanted to or not, fought in wars. And I also remember the brave people back home who endured wars and the hardships they brought every day. They were also soldiers even if they didn't have weapons.

The clouds are in their honor and just to celebrate a lovely early summer day.


  1. Lest We Forget, warriors of all kinds everywhere.

    Those strawberries look delicious. We have one silly plant at home which wasn't pulled out and refuses to die due to the unseasonably warm weather we are still having. It had flowers last week and the fruit has set. I am waiting to see if they grow and ripen. Winter strawberries from the outdoor garden will be a novelty.

    Enjoy your Memorial Day.

  2. Just catching up on all your news and lovely photos you take so well.

    I'm 'anonymous' because I have totally screwed up my Google account so that I don't know my name, number, pw or anything!!!
    love, annie


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