Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lilac and WIP

A WIP, in the trade, is a Work in Progress, and what you see is the current wallhanging in midstride, cotton spun heavy yarn, and many knitting stitches. Yes, knitting is an art, too. And please don't use the Bad Word macrame around a knitter...macrame is a series of extremely simple knots, employed by hippies in the 60s to make ghastly plant hangers and other busywork objects. Great fun for little children, though, since the skills are not too hard for them.

In this piece, there are quite a few different knitting approaches, and as usual it's done spontaneously, deciding as I go what happens next. Astute observers will note the feather and fan motif in there, too. When you do this sort of intuitive approach in weaving it's known as saori weaving. Not sure what it would be called if knitting is the approach. Knitori. Hm.

And the scent of lilac is drifting all over this work, since the bush a few yards away on a neighboring patio is in full fling.


  1. If someone telephones your house late at night, whispers the word "macrame," and then hangs up, it wasn't me.
    I am haunted by the memories of pots hanging slightly off kilter in bright orange macrame pot hangers decorated at intervals with large brown wooden beads.


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