Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jinny, retired but never retiring!

Today was the retirement party for our library director, Jinny B., who has been a rock and steadfast friend to the Adamses as well as a great professional. We did a ton of art undertakings together, she conferred on me the title of Fairy Godmother to the library's art adventures, and this was only a fraction of what she accomplished in the 20 years we've known her. I have little doubt that she will be wowing other people, other places, and continuing her bringing science to everyone, and robotics to people who've never heard of them, as well as the visual arts everywhere she goes, and weaving people of all nations together, and who knows what other enterprises.

Jinny in typical explaining pose

It will be strange not to have her in her chaotic office, replete with items you can hardly name among other more common ones, but all Useful Stuff that would eventually be used for some good purpose.

The event was, well, unusual. I mean, how many people have a dragon in full regalia turn out to honor their retirement?

dragon getting ready outside to march in

and present her with an official dragon suit, which she donned immediately, and wore throughout the event? or have people come from all corners of the country to be there today? or have politicians send real messages of real friendship? and some of them show up in person just to say thank you? and people tumbling in at the last minute, laden with gift packages. and have songs written especially for the event? and sung by a local youth choir?

Jnny in dragon suit enjoying the serenade

and a personal pianist (I'm proud of this one, since I made the connection between her and Bill Bauer for program purposes a while ago, and the partnership seems to have flourished) playing the audience into the hall, and accompanying the choir? and a full complement of artists, themselves well known exhibiting artists around the country, in attendance? here's one, Bob Justin and a young student

and messages from a theater director who had to be at the theater today and sent a message to be read for him? and the mayor and board, and library users of all ages and nationalities crowding around to be sure and be on hand? and all the libe staff turned out in their official libe tshirts, zooming about in a blur making sure all went well? which it did.

Well, maybe you know people whose retirement party goes this way, but I have to say this is the only one I will ever know!

J is one of those people who do a bangup professional job, but also do a huge amount of good by stealth, not wanting any credit, just wanting people to do well. I'm hoping to be her when I grow up.

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  1. There is always at least one Jinny in most communities. It's a pity there are not more - we need them. It's nice to know that she was appreciated and that people cared enough to show their appreciation.



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