Thursday, May 19, 2011

Goodbye, iris and pansies, we're off soon...

The Dollivers finally managed to get their entire wardrobe stuffed into the Big Suitcase, largely by sitting on it, and wanted to show the world their beach gear before climbing into the traveling Bag of Doom. We don't care that it's been raining wall to wall for years, we are going to shine at the shore!

Meanwhile, the iris

and pansies

have been perfectly happy in the rain and wish to wave to us as we leave on our Great Big Annual Trip.



  1. Oh, have loads of fun and relaxation!!!

  2. Have a great time - maybe you had better leave the D's in the bag so they don't get into trouble?

  3. Are you off to Cape May? Have fun and ejoy the birds. I still have some of the pebbles from Sunset? Beach. Pebbleheads, y'know, no relation to Dollivers.

  4. Relax amd enjoy.



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