Saturday, May 2, 2015

White rabbits, Mayday, missed them both 6WS

Pipped at the post again yesterday,  with a dawn's early light white rabbits text, thanks to early bird K, missed out entirely on May Day, the workers' day, or Feast of St. Joseph the Worker, depending on your affiliation, noting the carpenter aspect of his life,  and all that. My late husband, Handsome Partner, was the son of a carpenter who worked in the Glasgow shipyards, and one of his jobs as a young boy was to take out the splinters from his father's hands when he came home from work in the evening.

But I've  been working up a storm on a secret project, pics later when its been safely received. Taking a leaf out of the Mumbler book here...and I'm experimenting with the spoken voice function of my tablet to avoid the keyboard by speaking my emails and this blogpost.  

Some mild drawbacks: it can't understand me very well, and keeps on suggesting wildly wrong words! such as "facebook" when I said "taking a leaf".  So I end up editing a lot in order to make any kind of sense.  

But it does explain the occasional mysterious email I get from people I know are using the voice function of their smartphones, and are not realizing what gibberish they're sending out!

Yesterday saw the last of the cucumber sauce, used as a dressing for baked sweet potato.  That makes a full meal, just the usual microwave for ten minutes, easy last minute decision. 

And I baked bread yesterday having put it off a few days while I rationalized that chocolate cake was a fine stand-in for bread.  This batch is five cups of wholewheat, two of all purpose, half a cup barley flour.  The crust is great, and the texture of the crumb very nice.  Not too crumbly.  My favorite recipe from the Healthy Bread book.  Haven't bought bread in five years, ever since I discovered this great method.

Tomorrow I teach a workshop on paper jewelry so today is devoted to feeling all nervous and worked up about it.  I've been teaching for over forty years and still have not found the magic formula for just doing it and not being all racked up over it.  Which I then rationalize as: high nerves mean high energy for the workshop, which means a fun afternoon for participants.  At least that's the plan.  Pix later, if I live through it.


  1. It was 7 something, I'm sure of it. Rude, yes. Before dawn's early light, no, not at this time of year.

  2. Eight here, but that doesn't sound as dramatic. Breakfast's early light doesn't have that ring.

  3. I wondered where you were yesterday...which btw is the real white rabbits day in my book. Good luck on your beading class....wish I was there.

  4. Oh, im lost. White Rabbits Day?

  5. It's the first thing you say on the first of the month to bring luck. some people say it every month but some believe only certain months require it!

  6. Technobabble can get you in trouble (6W) Sorry, not very creative 6W offering - blame allergy brain.


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