Tuesday, May 12, 2015

New Homes, and Pots, for Old

I decided to do a few things I haven't been doing what with one thing and another, the main one being to repot the begonia, two varieties which have been patiently living together in harmony in the same pot for maybe fifteen years uncomplainingly.  Finally I found a bigger pot and the potting soil, and the trowel, and the plant, and got them all assembled at one time in one place. 

So here you see the divine Miss B. in her new home, in solitary state on her own table with her own ironed Greek embroidered cloth. Least I could do really.

Then pix of the fallen cherry blossom on the patio, looking like a snowfall after a heavy rain yesterday.  Lovely to come home to and find this snowlike scene.  I sat out in the evening with a little glass of prosecco and just enjoyed, especially since the watering had been done for me.  One very small drawback is that the house gets full of little green blossoms and I have to keep sweeping.  

But the houseplants are now outside, at camp for the summer, at least the ones that will fit, what with the more furniture and the less shade, Handsome Son's mother's day gift to me, the heavy lifting of moving them out and arranging them.  

My favorite kind of gardening, where I point and someone else works!  he also served me tea outdoors, complete with cookies he'd baked from his own recipes.

Then this morning, I thought before I lost my mojo I would finish the gardening, digging and transplanting for my friend across the street, texted her this a.m. to say I was planning to dig a daylily for her, okay to plant it, too?  instant happy affirmative response.  So I got to work, gosh it's hard lifting matted daylilies, but I did get a nice clump out for her, and you see here what used to be its home.  

The surrounding foliage have already practically filled it in, pragmatic folk.

Then I picked a new home for it across the street, and with any luck it will bloom this June for them, a Stella d'Oro, great big yellow flowers that last about six weeks, longer than most daylilies, something I like about them particularly.  

Then I was stunned when I got home to find a text of thanks saying it looked nice.  What?  she GoogleEarthed me? huh? satellite spying?? I thought she was safely in her Manhattan office at this time.  Then realized later she was at home probably hugely amused at my heavy labor in the yard! Duh.


  1. Stella d'Oro's are one of my favourites. They're not fussy and will bloom with seemingly no effort on the part of the gardener. My kind of plant! I'm sure your neighbour will be thrilled when hers bursts into bloom later on.

  2. It's good to have someone do the heavy lifting! I got my dad to lug some soil for me this morning, in preparation for more re-potting adventures!

  3. Love those kinds of Mother's day gifts -- though I am a bit bemused that your neighbor wouldn't come out and help you plant in her own garden...

  4. She spent most of sat doing just that, learninga as she went! This was just ten minutes work this morn, no big deal.she was probably taken by surprise!


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