Saturday, May 9, 2015

Soup's Up! Last of the Season 6WS

Here's the soup I mentioned yesterday, now all cooked, blended and served with a big slice of artisanal home made bread (I call it artisanal when the crust is industrial strength and the crumb is open, it's lovely) with pepper jack cheese toasted on to it.  Great lunch.

My original request for a Mother's Day caper with my son was a hike on a nearby lovely place with a lake and views, followed by teatime at home with cookies baked by him.  

Change of plan, since I think it will be baking hot tomorrow.  I'm going to break it to him that I now want his help to move plants out of the house onto the patio, and then do the teatime etc.  We can have it out of doors, among the plants, even.  

Not so much room out there now, what with additional furniture and much less shade, but I'll get the biggest ones outside anyway.

This morning is about pulling pachysandra and digging iris to give to my neighbor across the street, the ones who got all the shrubs pulled out, and then showing them how to plant and care for them. City folk, literally don't know growing stuff but very happy to learn. I'll also identify what they already have out front, which include a nice rosebush already in bud, a little American holly and an azalea, which I hate, ghastly red color,  but it's not my yard! 

It cracks me up to be consider an expert gardener among my neighbors, but compared to people who literally know nothing at all, even how to wield a spade or fork or rake, I do come off well!


  1. Good to be a gardening guru (6W)
    Happy Mother's day to you both(6W)

  2. Ah, there it is. Very yummy looking :).


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