Monday, May 4, 2015

Reward for workshop: trip to the thriftie!

Hot and beautiful day, and my only obligation was to enjoy the day.  So a trip to the thriftie happened, to drop off a lot of items for neighbors and others, and to browse a little on my own account. 

And to find a nice bag of yarns, for three dollars, including a skein of excellent tapestry yarn, a ball of linen yarn, some fine cotton, and various other mostly synthetics, but useful for weaving and for needlepoint adventures. There might be more plastic canvas in my future, too.  It's very undemanding and fun to do.

And there was a stop at the post office to send off a secret package. More news on that over in Art the Beautiful. I think the recipient is far too busy to get into my blogs for the moment, in the process of moving, so our secret is safe.

Home again, I did what I'd been planning to do for months: sit in the Adirondack chairs which have been patiently waiting on the patio, and stitch a little on my needlepainting on silk piece, the flower.  The light is lovely now, in bright shade, and I sat under the wild cherry which is coming into blossom.  Interestingly, it puts out leaves first then blossom, unlike the tame weeping cherry which blossoms first. And the bees have taken notice, already zooming around waiting for the first opened flowers on the tree.

And I figured all this sitting needs to be punctuated with more moving about, so I took a walk, a bit hot, but I looked for shade. 

As you see, the chives on the patio are doing fine, and quite happy to be cut back all the time for the kitchen.  

And the dogwoods are busting out all over.

Home again, supper outside, lunch outside too, seize the day, reading, stitching, bit of Poirot, checking in with blogistas. 


  1. That sounds like a lovely way to enjoy a day! Good for you :)

  2. Would love to accompany you on your walkabout, but the sound of my resounding sneezes would scare away all the wildlife. Great find of thready goodness, btw.


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