Saturday, May 23, 2015

Farmer's Market Open! happy campers everywhere 6WS

So today was an expedition to the West Windsor, i.e. local, Farmer's Market, which takes place right next to the train station every Saturday morning till Fall.  

Small but wonderful, with everything from yak meat to farm fresh eggs to NJ wines, mushrooms (well, those are from Kennet Square, PA, famous mushroom region) quails, all kinds of plants and edible greens, fresh baked bread and pastries.  And loud music, alas, why do they think this fits, but it did amuse a few kids.  

I went in search of good eggs, figuring since I'm frugal in so many ways, why on earth not buy really good eggs, instead of cheapies, and give the chickens a break, too, by getting them from a farm where I know they run outdoors and peck and do what hens do.

Anyway, here's a brief guided tour:

Dog waiting patiently till his humans get their fresh squeezed juice.

If you collect NJ pottery, you'll be familiar with the Fulper name, very old one around these parts


Foreign mushrooms!  all the way from Kennett Square, must be all of an hour away


Here are handwoven alpaca rugs, along with yak meat, and all kinds of alpaca yarns


And here's my haul:  lovely fresh eggs from the Quail Farm, along with their own chicken sausage made with Italian spices and broccoli rabe, and info on the wine people and other farms local to here. i can get good fresh chickens from Quail Farm, too, I find, as well as quail, which are not on my menu! Everything is within maybe a half hour's run.

I know the Quail Farm well, since one of my beloved petcare clients, Sweetheart, the giant black Great Dane, big even for a Dane, retired showdog and mother of many champions, lived in one of the properties.  I used to stay up there with her when the owners were traveling, they being in the advertising biz, and on the move. 

There's nothing as safe as the feeling of walking out alone at night in the country, under the stars and under the protection of a dog who's twice as big as you are, and devotedly protective.


  1. Farmer's markets are the bomb! I wish there was one closer to me.

  2. Sweetheart Great Dane? How I wish!! (6W)


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