Friday, May 8, 2015

See, wheels!

On the principle of do a thing and the universe will get right back to you, I bought a large and heavy bag of potting soil to go with the annual supply of flowers and herbs, just one flat total, this is not a big deal.  However, when I lugged the bag of soil from the car to the house I realized that this part was indeed a big deal. So I remembered I had a nice little dolly in the car trunk from back in the day when I packed art supplies to teach workshops.

Got it out, remembered how to unfold it, and there was a handy way of trundling the soil through the house and out to the patio while saving my back a bit.

But the part about the universe getting back to you is that Quinn blogged this very day about this very thing, except the task she was doing didn't really lend itself to wheels. Considering it's about twenty years since I unearthed my dolly, and I'd done that before I read today's Comptonia entry, this is one of those arrows of coincidence that make you wonder.

Anyway, oops, here come the Ds.....well, we shoved her aside, quite enough from her, thank you, and though it took three of us we got all the doings safely on the patio

 Here we are, Dollivers on a dolly, except Blondie Firstborn thought it wasn't her style to be sitting about on heavy machinery, and she took up a place among the herbs.

and supervised while Boud filled  pots with soil ready to plant tomorrow with various flowers and herbs.  Seen here the pots some of them waiting for potting soil. She got Michael her brilliant handyman to build those cedar surround things so that her mismatched pots don't show and squirrels can't knock plants off the fence.

She got lavender, basil, oregano, parsley, tarragon, rosemary and who knows what else. Right now she's studying recipes which use  tarragon, that not being a common herb for her.

Amazingly, considering we did all the heavy lifting, after all that, she sat and read at least that's her story.  She was snoring quietly for a while, no pages turning that we could see. But we were nice, and didn't take any unflattering pix of her with wild cherry blossom falling off the tree overhead and into her open mouth...we waited till she woke and spluttered for a bit..great fun.

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  1. Move over, Dollivers, I need to talk with Boud!
    Here is more parallel coincidence-y stuff:
    I was about to reply to your comment on my blog, and was planning to mention how similarly we think, because what you wrote describes the way I approach most of what I do, every day. Then I thought I'd read your new post first. Ha!
    Also, yesterday I came up with an alternative to attaching windowboxes to my porch. The idea involves a long, freestanding trestle to support a row of planters, and an outer wooden box/frame resting on the trestle to tie it all together visually. I've never seen it done (well, til now on your post!) but it seemed like a good idea.
    Now. Today I am hoping to visit an open house at a nursery that specializes in shade plants...need anything? ;)


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