Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Farmshare 2015 Opening! and it's the centenary of the farm

 Around central NJ you know it's spring when there's fresh asparagus growing for the picking.  Way back when I had a large yard, I inherited from a previous owner a massive bed of asparagus, and was glad to pick, freeze and give. Now it's a bit harder to come by, some of the great asparagus farms being paved over and turned into shopping malls, sigh, but Stults still has them for us for the opening of the farmshare season.

Interesting bit of trivia about this farm, aside from its longevity as a family business, is that it's in two towns.  The boundary runs between their fields.  But you don't need a passport to move back and forward, as their tractors often do.

Joyful reunion with Jill, who is the mainstay of the picking organizing and selecting function, while her daughter does all the background organizing of the farmshare operation, in addition to running her own farm! Too dark for pix inside the barn where the farmshares are set up in bushel baskets on wagons.

And here's today's share: lovely asparagus right from the field, 

and half a dozen lettuce starts, now planted in a waiting container. 

This is an experiment, because I have a potato planted in there, too, and I want to try out the notion of having a root vegetable working along with surface salad greens.  I'd like to see if they conflict or if it works out.  In any case, the lettuce will be blown before the potato is ready to harvest.  At least that's the plan.

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  1. Super cool that your farm share gives you stater plants. :)


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