Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Now and then a little cream improves your day

Not being a cream user, more of a skim milk and homemade yogurt person, once in a while oh well, it's nice to have just a the sour cream I got to make the cucumber sauce long ago, which went over very well, still some left over.

And I've found it goes a treat with a slice of homemade banana bread, or a slice of homemade, warm from the oven chocolate cake.  

As here, in this Viennese vignette!  coffee cooling while I get the pic organized, on linen napkin, wedding gift back in the dark ages, on a nice little teatray a friend couldn't use.  Couldn't use?  no kids to slide downstairs on it?  no afternoon or late evening tea to serve on it and save a lot of trips?  seemingly not.

I had a friend long gone to the great pastry shop in the sky, who was from Vienna and who served coffee and cake that well, you just had to be there. Officially we were playing music at her house, but she insisted on being a hostess complete with broderie anglaise apron, and who were we to argue..

Anyway, the sour cream is now history, but not before it made a wonderful series of adventures, including stuffing baked potato, making a great egg salad, stuffing a baked potato WITH the egg salad, this sounds like one of those 15 piece wardrobes you dress in for three months using different combos..and today making salmon croquettes, with an egg and some breadcrumbs.  That little container went a long way.

Speaking of limited wardrobes, have you caught onto this new fad of dressing the same way to work every day forever?  One outfit, probably multiple versions, but the same items.  People say they love it, saves decision making and all that in the morning.  

All I can say is that they must never have gone to a school where every stitch of clothing was enforced with military precision and terrible consequences for failing to have every item, such as being thrown out of school, for seven long penal years...after that experience I think nobody thinks it's a trial to pick out different clothes for each day.  In fact I find it a treat.

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