Thursday, April 9, 2015

White Flower Farms comes through as promised

My Golden Showers climbing rose arrived today!  with an apologetic little note from the growers explaining that, conditions in New England being a bit chilly this winter, growth is slow, but it will in fact happen in a couple of weeks.  

Since I live only about a hundred miles south of White Flower Farms, I wasn't surprised, and in fact glad they didn't send this earlier anyway, since I couldn't have planted it.

Tomorrow we have a milder day forecast, and the ground is already nice and damp, so Digging will Happen.  Yay!  watch this space for interminably dull discussions of how Rosie Golden is doing, and how she's feeling, and if she likes her new surroundings, and if the fence is to her liking and so on.  No, I never personify my plants, no.

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