Thursday, April 16, 2015

Princeton Farmer's Market last indoor one for the year

Princeton Library not being a regular destination for me, I did get in there today to meet Kris, the writer of the blog from Winterspast Farm, a lovely account of her life and times with sheep and wool and all the accompanying family and activity that goes with it. 

You can catch her here and the sheep and wool connection is her reason for taking part in the Farmers Market today, in the community room of the Princeton Public Library.  I had met her mom, who led a workshop for our embroidery chapter last Sunday, and when she mentioned that this might be a chance to meet Kris, as near as we ever get geographically, I figured I'd get in and meet her.

Here's the event, with tables like this mountain of lovely smelling greens, and spring flowers and mushrooms and all kinds of local fare

and here's Kris fixing up a toy, a Sheepnip ball, for my cats, with a great display of her yarn and felted soaps and all kinds of yarn related toys for people, too. 

What she's doing here is making sure that the hole through which catnip was inserted gets covered over with the felting.

She's wonderful!  what a warm and engaging person, and her display of yarn and felted items was a treat. 

Hearing that my cats don't play much with toys, she insisted that this one be a test toy.  So I did bring it home, happily, and left it up on the kitchen counter.

Not long before Marigold came sniffing and looking and wondering, since toys may not be high on her agenda, but catnip is and it's been a while.  So I tossed the ball for her and she made a total fool of herself, rolling and biting and throwing and generally getting all glazed over.  

 Where'd it go? can't see properly now

 I know it's around here, but can't seem to....

 Ah, got it!

Kris, I'd say this is a success! I let Mara have first play, since she gets bustled out of a lot by Duncan who's twice her size and a Big Important Male Cat, so this was a ladies' quiet afternoon party.

And it was so good to meet you, after reading you all this time.


  1. That is a brilliant idea for a New and Improved catnip toy! And I especially love the second kitty picture - what a perfect expression :)
    Sorry I haven't yet answered your recent cashmere questions - I've been using my brief online time in the evening to read favorite blogs, but I fall asleep before I can post on my own. Tomorrow is supposed to rain All Day, though, so...maybe I'll catch up. Right now my eyes seem to be full of pollen, and evening chores are calling. I probably look like the kitty!

  2. Yes! It was wonderful to meet you AND to have it memorialized in a blog post! So glad she enjoyed the toy.


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