Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What Boud Did, aka My Life and Hard Times

Another in the long chapter of self inflicted foolishness happened this morning.  At the PO, with my sportsac, needed to rummage in it for various items, as I posted off a little parcel and bought stamps. Then as I gathered up my wallet and keys and receipts, there it wasn't.

 The culprit.

Oh, panic, my purse gone...asked the staff if anyone had seen it, checked the counters, ran out checked my car, came back and asked again if it had been seen.  Whereupon the patient lady behind the counter who has her own personal opinion of my cognitive abilities, pointed to my shoulder and said, what's that, then?  
Yes, it was the sportsac, now very light because the parcel was gone, and which I'd evidently hooked onto my shoulder and forgotten.  Sigh. So I burst out laughing and thought oh well, comic relief for the glum people waiting in line, and left quickly.

Got home, check email and find an article from a friend in the medical field, all about how making art and making craft and getting out and being connected and using computers and all that might possibly stave off dementia and incapacity.

To which I say, oh, based on my track record with cellphones and glasses and now shoulder bags, I greatly doubt that.



  1. Thanks for the hearty LOL! It could have been me...really.

  2. ohhh yeah. panic at the store when you realize your credit card is missing missing...get home, sick to tears, to find it in your left pocket...
    i think we have all made public fools of ourselves and the only consolation is, as you say, it cheered up a few people for a little while...

  3. I can perfectly imagine doing the same thing myself. So don't think being a creative slacker will help you, either! ;)
    Sometimes I think I should make myself a jester's hat with jingly bells. But I would probably lose it.

  4. I hear ya sister!! I think I will get one of those 'clapper' thingies to attach to my glasses! I am always on the hunt. Oh well...at least I get lots of exercise doing stairs!
    aka Mrs Noofy

  5. LOL! Don't feel bad, I've had moments like that and I'm only 28! :)


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