Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Twp Fat Ladies and this rather small one work together

Two Fat Ladies, that comic turn, combined with music hall act, and serious food historians  in the television food world, both sadly now gathered to the great Aga in the Sky, are out on DVD, and I've been watching them with great amusement.  

I borrowed their cookbook, too, though very little of what they cook would actually make an appearance in this kitchen.  It's a lot about meat and lard and butter and other such stuff. But now and then there's an item that's worth pursuing.

Before I do that, though I wonder if you noticed the 88 on Jennifer's motorbike registration number?  did you know, I didn't until just now, that in Bingo 88 is called Two Fat Ladies! just a little footnote to the panoply of Western history here.

Anyway, I decided to make a brave attempt at using up even more of the corn in the freezer before the new farmshare year starts, and made their Corn, Crab and Cilantro Fritters.  

 Left Clarissa, right Jennifer the owner of the motorbike and sidecar in which they tootled all over the UK cooking and having adventures.

Great fun to make, and not sure they were quite worth it.  Next time I might go easier on the cilantro and jolt the crab a bit with Old Bay Seasoning, if there's a next time. Canned crab, nothing else available.  

Anyway, I now have several meals' worth of them in the freezer as well as the lunch I had today. They don't look as pretty as in the magazines, because my food stylist once again failed to show up, but they are definitely very edible.


  1. didn't know about Bingo's 88. Used to enjoy these ladies on TV but sometimes the amount of fat made me gag.

  2. I love you cooking adventures. The two of them on a motorbike with a side car already sounds hilarious. :)


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