Monday, April 6, 2015

Friends home from India with good news and not so good

Shabnam from next door arrived back today, well, early this morning after a 17 hour flight, then straight to work, battling jetlag. I had sort of kept an eye on things while she was away a couple of weeks, and she brought me back my downfall -- box of Indian sweets, oh dear.  No idea what's in them, but some are covered in edible silver, a lot of them have various nuts and spices, and all of them suit me just fine.

You see inroads in the foreground, with edible silver bitten into...and the fruit on the left is my first try at a fresh guava, hand brought for me.  I've had them canned only, so this was a great idea to offer me.  Another food adventure.  I'll open and explore it tomorrow.

It's become a joke with Indian friends who keep feeding me special treats to let them know if I don't like any of them. Up to now, they haven't hit on anything I don't like..

She also brought the news that the relative the other friend went to see at his last, died very shortly after she got there, with some family in attendance.  Sad journey home.  I'll walk the labyrinth for the departed father tomorrow, and for the family.


  1. I love the idea of walking a labyrinth in memoriam. Where is your labyrinth?

  2. It's my main spiritual practice. I go to the one on Witherspoon st in Princeton, in the back yard of the Fellowship in Prayer building. Always open.

  3. I love guava! How did you like it?

  4. I never had it fresh before, and when I cut into it the scent was wonderful. Texted my friend to say so! I kept the peels around for a few days just to smell them.


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