Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Water's Edge. aka The Island walk

The Island is the old name of this park, dating back to when it almost was one, before the bridge and the connecting path were built, safe place to let your dog run.  I had a dog who accidentally ran right off the end of it, and into the water, to his amazement, and promptly learned to swim.  But Toby never willingly got wet again in his long life, didn't trust that water stuff. Nowadays it's gone posh and has an official name of Water's Edge Park.

Today was a great day for firsts: out without a jacket, sightings of barn swallows, tree swallows, redwing blackbirds, catbirds, turtles out sunning themselves on fallen trees over the water, lovely big Malamute out for a walk with his owner, water reflections, wooden arbor bench, revisiting the Monet style bridge and the waterlily beds.  Anyway, just look and enjoy. 


  1. How beautiful and restful it would be to sit on that bench and just contemplate the world. Hang on, maybe not the world, its a mess. Maybe just the surrounds or that little turtle. Where is he going, does he have family ..... nothing thoughts but being in the present.

    Thanks for such beautiful pictures.

  2. Lovely nature photos as always! :)


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