Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Return to the Labyrinth

Finally, after months of delay from storms, kneedeep snow and ice on the labyrinth,it's all cleared up, and today I was able to keep a number of labyrinth promises, for two departed people and their families, and for various other intentions.  

This included the life of Oliver Sacks, who wrote recently that he was nearing the end of his life.  I had the joy of being part of a book he wrote a while back, after we had an email correspondence, and felt that this world famous thinker and neurologist and totally gentle man, was himself still so open to learning that it was a joy to cross paths with him even briefly.  So, wherever he is on his journey, I walked for him, too.

Always at some point on the slow pilgrimage around the labyrinth, there's some tiny object waiting for me to pick it up and see its significance and add it to the center of the circle.  

Today it was a little ring of blue plastic stuff, very narrow, which fitted on my finger, and was so emblematic of the various points in life of the people in my intentions, and the unbroken whole of us all, that it was the center of thinking today.

This is it, lying on that rock in the foreground.  Never fails. Always find an inspirational object, always get answers to my own puzzles, while the birds sing unconcernedly and there's street noise, all part of the day.

Over the winter the storms and the squirrels have made inroads into the Tibetan prayer flags, but they're still there, more or less.As are we all, in one way or another.


  1. Yes, still here. Perhaps a bit more tattered than your Tibetan prayer flags, but still here.

    And although there is still lots of snow and ice here, the 6' perimeter fence is finally over my head again. It was at chest-height for the longest time, and I was thankful every single day that the goats CHOSE to stay on our side of it.

  2. Envy your close access to a labyrinth. My home made tibetan prayer flags looked much the same as your pic until Easter Sunday when I was able to pic my way through the melting snow, reattach the string and noticed all my written words have vanished with the wind but the symbols are still showing.

  3. So pleased that you could walk the labyrinth again today after the winter thaw, Boud. The Spring weather has finally arrived here too.

  4. Lovely! I always feel so touched when you speak of waking the labyrinth. May all of your intentions come to fruition.


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