Saturday, October 29, 2011

Late breaking news on the patio

Readers, I cannot tell a lie: the big cherry branch, the part that was left after Irene, the nonhurricane, tore off the rest, came down right while I was upstairs on the other side of the house, blogging about the snow on the patio.

Here it is, the good news being that nobody was out there when it fell down, that the birdfeeder is not attached to it, and it missed all my flowers.

And here's the snag left when it came down, note the unconcerned little bird perching on it!

birds are pragmatists. Or snagmatists, take yer pick.

I expected this to happen during the first wet snowstorm, but figured it would be January or thereabouts. Oh well. Once it dries I'll see about reducing it to cherry firewood.


  1. Julian of Norwich must be keeping on the lookout for you "All will be well" etc...

  2. Just bears out what I said on your last post - even the TREES don't like snow!!

  3. Phew!! Lucky. No doubt the bird took flight long enough to not be tangled up in the mess and then settled quite happily again as if that sort of thing went on all the time.


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