Saturday, October 22, 2011

Julian and Me

I like walking meditation, and just got hold of CDs of Julian of Norwich, from the local libe. so it seemed like a good walk on a Fall afternoon, beside the pond, watching fishermen and clouds and reflections, very appropriate for reflecting.

Not an early Christian mosaic, just the result of drought followed by floods followed by drying winds.

This sort of listening, to an early Christian mystic's writings (a woman, though the name would not tell you that) goes well with knitting, too.

And I will get back to knitting my Royals! I have all Kate's body parts, but need to assemble her, and maybe organize some jewelry..and corgis for her grandmother in law, too.

Latest, highly recommended reading: Sarah Vowell's account of Hawaii, "Unfamiliar Fishes" which covers its history, culture, very readable indeed. She spares nobody, and is not only very funny, but very well researched and accurate as a historian.


  1. Lovely.

    I'm wondering whether or not the Queen Mother is part of your knitting. In fact, I'm worried about it. I mean, I know she's dead and everything. But I liked her. And she had Corgis, too.

  2. Perhaps QM could be hovering nearby with a G & T at hand.

  3. Lovely reflections, Liz. Thank you for the autumn beauty and two book ideas. I like Vowell's work.

  4. Waterlillies in the pond? I remember those back East! They used to close up in the evening, to reopen next morning. No such thing here in the west. Too cold and too high up....I enjoyed seeing yours. - J in Cowtown

  5. No leaves left on the trees here - we've gone bare with the blowing wind. A treat to see that yours are still hanging on.

  6. Lovely, i love water shots. Thanks for sharing.


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