Saturday, October 29, 2011


And then there's 3,532,082,723.

Snow in October, in central NJ, not quite unheard of, but the last time we had snow on the flowers and autumn leaves was before HS was born. So I thought it was timely to give you the numbers above. No, they're not the snowflakes now accumulating all over the place here.

What they are, thanks to Mittens, are the numbers that relate to our birth order on earth. At the time I was born, I guess I was baby number 2,275....etc., and by the time HS arrived on earth, he was baby number 3,532...etc. Not entirely sure how they count this,but it reminds us that there are a lot of folks around, even though people do leave us all the time.

But since you ask, here are the current snow pix, out front and out back. Earlier

and after about an hour.

The cheering sight is that the road is still wet, no laying there. Snow pictures are my other besetting sin, along with reflection pictures.


  1. Last year, for the first time in his life, there as snow on my son's birthday. He happened to be in New Orleans, where it was still pretty hot, but still...

    The seasons are shifting and it has been going on longer than the "official" climate change.

  2. I'm not a fan of snow, so seeing pictures of it doesn't make me happy (good as the pictures are). I dread the morning I open the curtains to a similar scene. Yuck!

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  4. Brrrrrr especially after sitting in no less than 30C and 90+ humidity this past week.


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