Friday, October 7, 2011

The Spindler Family

aka sinister spinsters....I now have the other two of my hand spindle family, from Schacht, courtesy of lovely Debby at Twist in New Hope, Bucks Co, Pa, sorry, a bit of a commute for some of our overseas blogistas, but they are so cool. As is Debby, who was patience itself with our telephonic problems -- some gremlin hates to allow calls between her zip code and mine and kept dropping the call after about ten words, not enough to establish what I was trying to buy! I gave up and wrote out a paper check and mailed it! and the spindles, exactly what I was looking for, arrived almost before I'd got the check in the mail. I love Twist! that's the name of the shop.

A couple of years ago I was given (by Carol Q, who is to blame for a lot of my spinning adventures), the biggest, four inch, spindle to learn on, along with a nice hank of what I think was beautiful merino top, which I reduced to clumsy knots in no time, but who's counting. Very good size to learn on, though, big enough to make fat yarn, which I did, and eventually smoother yarn, but still pretty sturdy.

So after working with that on and off for nemmind how long, now I need to learn to spin finer yarn without having the heavy spindle tear it apart...ask me how I noticed I invested in its smaller counterparts, the three inch and the two and a half inch. You see them here, with a beautiful length of alpaca top, courtesy of Felicity at the Minnesota State Fair this year, what a great gift, along with a bag of white, also alpaca, smells like heaven, too.

Spinning has brought some of the nicest people into my life, great treat. The only thing I now have to resist is dressing up the spindles to make the Spindler, no, mustn't go there. But I could just paint little faces, no, no, stop me before I doll again.

Anyway, I calmed down by spending the afternoon on the Preserve, met a lovely lady who'd never been there before, was mad with joy running about taking pictures. Beautiful October day, perfect for wandering about, spotting butterflies, a flock of yellow rumped warblers, various other birds leaping around, thrushes, I think, and being startled by me out of the shrubs. Not many walkers at the moment, so they're quite bold and easy to see, the birds, I mean.


Minimiss said...

Lovely pics as always.

ari_1965 said...

Great shots. I like the last one with the birch trees (birch?) best.

The Spindles are centurions with cloaks down to their feet and icy stares. I can see this. The Dollivers are getting so famous that they need a security detail.

SimonSimple said...

Love the pictures and I would like to see the spindles as dolls. I'm glad to see that you have a new addition to your crafting arsenal, new tools are always fun.

p.s I'm leaving you a message on rav.

SimonSimple said...
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annie1931 said...

Enjoyed your pics - isn't it wonderful weather! I can't get over it, the first Thanksgiving in years we've had the entire time with sun and warmth.

Beautiful woods - I like the last photo so much.