Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Dollivers' Tea Party

All this talk of the tea party has got the Dollivers interested in politics, or at least in tea parties. So today we got out the best hand hemmed napkins and afternoon tea tablecloth, little vase of flowers for the table, and Call Me Michele put on her lace gloves and everyone put on a hat, and we set up the party.

The photo shoot was over before they remembered the cream and the little dish of lemon slices, but they were added in before our guest arrived, bearing yet more food.

A great time was had by all, and the Ds decided to vote for doing this a lot, as did Boud.

One thing I'm still in the process of discovering is small pleasures like entertaining at home, impossible for years, baking the hot biscuits with butter and tomato jam inserted, making the chocolate oatmeal lace cookies, just luxury.

So I'm putting local blogistas on notice: if you're not careful you may be joining the tea party...


  1. "Rediscovering the small pleasures" compelling and intense caregiving is. When you can finally step outside, the sun seems too bright, the breeze too fresh, everything moving too quickly. You can finally breathe now, enjoy life once again, interact with others in a pleasurable manner. And this is exactly what HP would want you to be doing. And I'll have a cuppa Earl Grey, hold the lemon, thank you very much...J in Cowtown

  2. I love the Dollivers. They seem to have such a good time.

    When you become involved with caregiving, it begins to be who you are. It defines and owns you, totally. And when it finally ends there's a bit of surprise inside to realize that most of the world has continued on it's own way, and one of the things you have to do is gradually redefine yourself from what you were into who you need to be.

    Earl Grey, hot and strong, and two of those lovely cookies, tyvm.

  3. Flavoured tea for me please - along with anything chocolate. I'll have to hunt up my pair of white gloves. Do we have to wear a hat?

  4. Ooh, lovely. I think I will wear a hat and gloves. I'll take Constant Comment - no lemon, please. The Dollivers have the right idea!

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