Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Dollivers Present: Tableaux!

The Ds have decided to become impresarios, presenting various tableaux, which they can't spell so they asked me to write this bit for them, for your viewing pleasure. Here's their maiden effort. Feel free to add captions of your choice.

They would also like to point out that these are rescued figures and animals, in keeping with the kindness to planet earth that they are now deeply interested in since they made the (very successful, they add) soap, back there a while ago. Required only a visit to the thrift store.


  1. "The Sad and Instructive Tale of the Zebra Who Lifted His Leg to Urinate and Thus Endured Scorn, Insults, and Many Travails as Told by a Genuine African Warrior to Boud Late English Tutor to Their Royal Highnesses the Royal Children of the King of Abyssinia of the Darkest Continent."

  2. Well I must say the Dollivers have the most vivid imagination, however do you think it's wise to let them loose in a thrift store? Just sayin'

  3. Sorry, I'm stumped. What kind of flour you are using in your bread baking....just wondering...

  4. she obviously uses Levity Flour, that rises and rises and rises...

    these are hysterical. The more times I look, the funnier they get.

    I think the Dollivers should be watched a bit carefully, lord alone knows what they'll be bringing home next


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