Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall Bird, Sock and Cat Count

Here's Sock One, on my old foot, with Marigold pushing in, of course. Score: one sock down, one to go. The second would be further along if I had done the right rib, which is K2P2, but in the excitement of watching an Agatha Christie movie, I did K1P1, sigh, so it's back off the needles again.

The pillow in the picture is a log cabin design I did, using variegated yarn found at the local thrift, just enough for this project. that was during my log cabin period when I also made a light cotton throw for HP for summer. After these two projects I got all over picking up stitches and went on to other kinds of knitting.

Bird count: yesterday the first of the juncoes returned. Sign of winter in this region. But since there are still a few wild cherries on the tree out there, and a refilled seed feeder, plus a suet holder, all on the patio, a regular five star avian restaurant, the score was interesting.

Birds: two juncoes, two pairs of chickadees, an entire flock of a dozen mourning doves all coorooing and sitting around looked very peaceful and calm, two yellow warblers, the Jack Russells of the avian world, why have they changed it to Parson? Jack's fine by me, dashing like maniacs around the tree, cardinals, purple finches, two pairs, one Carolina wren, probably one of our babies, judging from the lovely fresh plumage, pair of bluejays, female downy woodpecker at the suet. Now breathe.

Cats: still three, underfoot at all times.


  1. We had juncos well as cardinals and blue jays where we lived in Ontario. Hadn't thought of the junco in a long time. Here, we have eagles, osprey, hawks, a couple of species of woodpecker, chickadees, magpies, ravens and sparrows - robins in the spring and summer. Redwinged blackbirds grace our trees down by the river for a time in summer, but I believe they've gone south for the winter, smart birds. J in Cowtown

  2. Juncoes, Nuthatches, American Robins, Black-Capped Chickadees, and a HUGE murder of Crows. I don't feed them because Marlene is paranoid about mice in the house, but the backyard is full of scrubby pines, etc. We have a lot of birds show up.

    I have not seen Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal in three days. I hope they are okay.

    Buddha killed three squirrels yesterday and I, with much girlish exclamation of ewww and icky, heaved them over the fence. There's a stretch of land between the house and Cty. Rd. 5 that has no sidewalk or running path. It is my unofficial compost heap. I suspect the murder of Crows' arrival has something to do with Deceased Squirrel 1, 2, and 3.

  3. Very nice sock. Actually, two nice socks.

    The pillow is nice, too. But I picture it getting covered in Buddha hair.


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