Monday, October 24, 2011

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Palace

Musing about knitting corgis, and who doesn't from time to time, I went in search of corgi-colored yarn in the various places I keep yarn hidden away, and found a lovely cashmere sweater I'd thrifted in order to unravel and use it for other things. Nice heathery pale mix, about right for some kind of dog if not a corgi anyway.

So I took out the sleeves, realized that what was left would be a nice cashmere vest to just wear, no further work required, and started to unravel the sleeves. When all at once I said to myself, self, why are you futzing around knitting cashmere corgis when everyone knows what you need is a nice pair of cashmere socks and here you have the materials right to hand. And I couldn't think of a thing to say back to myself.

And here's the result, cast on yesterday and progressing nicely while I listen to Abba on the CD player, along with Julian of Norwich, quite a contrast, but with some odd parallels.

I post it as a way of guarding against the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome. That's the thing that happens when you finish the first of the pair, full of energy and go, and then magically run out of steam when it comes to the second one. But if you've told everyone you're doing this, better chance of finishing the pair.


  1. LOL - Just put on "Dancing Queen" to remind yourself!

  2. I've heard it said you can talk to yourself, answer yourself, but if you hear a third party getting involved you're in trouble. Funny you should be listening to ABBA - we watched a little documentary (BBC) called Coast just last week, featured Sweden and ABBA's little home. Always loved their music. - J in Cowtown

  3. Yum, nothing like hand knitted socks and even better in cashmere. I'm going to knit DH some socks on a long circular needle, two-at-a-time, to try and avoid the second sock syndrome.

  4. It wouldn't have made a good Corgi, anyway. Maybe a Schnauzer, but not a Corgi.

  5. I was reading quite happily along about your corgi vs other uses dilemma and then saw the sock. I had to re-read the part about you casting on YESTERDAY and you have this much done already? That would take me MONTHS!!!!!


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