Friday, October 28, 2011

Dr Dolliver attends her chief patient

Today was the ultrasound day, where I was to find out if there's anything lurking in my thyroid gland, so Dr. Dolliver put on her hat and escorted me to the Medical Arts building.

She showed me the ultrasound machine and explained its functions.

Note that she doesn't wear a white coat for the first part of the process, not wanting to trigger white coat anxiety in her patient.

Once the testing was done, she called in two colleagues to review their findings,

all in their official whites now, serious business.

And they declared that the human doctor was quite correct in stating that there are no problems to be addressed beyond taking a simple pill each day.

The nodules they'd found were so tiny as to be normal for my age. So this was a good day for the practice of medicine.

As Julian of Norwich would have put it if she'd been there: all is well and all manner of things will be well.


  1. Good news! You obviously were in good hands with all those medical personnel keeping an eye on you.

  2. I am very pleased for you that your results were favourable. Also very good that you have such experts so close at hand.

  3. Another thing crossed off your to-do list. And isn't that particular ultrasound positioning uncomfortable/awkward? I'm assuming you had the pillow under your shoulders, top of head on table as we conduct that scan here? Good results and best to have it checked out. J in cowtown


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