Wednesday, October 19, 2011

All Gardens Great and Small

October day yesterday, full of color and light and chrysanthemums everywhere.

I love the neighbors who make massive use of tiny spaces.

And indoors, the dish garden in preparation.

The mosses came from right outside the gate, this being a very wet year, no need for much of a search, and they come complete with small wildflowers. The carrot top will make an interesting tree, and there will be other features as it comes together. Today is drenching rain, so it's a good day to do gardening indoors.

The glass cover is a salad server, pressed into service for this purpose. It acts as a terrarium cover, and as a kitty shield, since cat owners know that this sort of miniature setup is a kitty magnet, nearly as good as a dollhouse.


  1. The park at the end of the street has this lovely section of tall, native grasses. 1/3 of an acre, maybe. My dog disappears in them. I love to watch them blowing in the wind, of which we've had a lot these past few days.

    Your dish garden sounds like it will be lovely.

  2. Lovely plantings of mums. They always look so cheery.


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