Saturday, August 13, 2011

One Foot In Front Of The Other

When HP's doctor used to call to ask me how I was doing, I'd usually say, oh, you know, one foot in front of the other! no need to fill in the blanks for her; she knew I meant that I was just moving ahead a minute at a time. Doing that now, only in a different way.

I'm not used to being able to come and go without special arrangements and explanations, and I keep on reminding myself that if I need to shop, I can just go shop! Minimiss reminded me that I had planned to the labyrinth today, and I just realized, again, that I don't have to have HS over here in order to do that! he just started a hugely needed week's vacation, too.

And we will do that dinner in a few days' time, meanwhile I will be playing music one day next week, and back into my quartets the following week, yay, it's been so long, I can hardly remember how to play quartets. They'll have to bear with me! two of the other players follow this blog,so they are now warned...

The picture at the top here is of friend Carol's wonderful cheerful sunburst assemblage artwork she created and gave me as a great gift during the hospice time. The Dollivers immediately decided this is our kind of artist, and commandeered it for the photoshoot, along with the Field and Fen Treasures Everywhere Journal, which arrived home a few days ago, and which I will show you as soon as I get my act together. Also in the picture is the hospital bed, awaiting pick up, but with several candidates for it, with HP's favorite kitty rug thrown over it as a disguise.

So this picture is past, present and promise of future!


  1. Playing in a quartet sounds very fun and challenging. I hope that you manage to do everything on your list.

    Take care.

  2. It's good to see you looking forward to rejoining the things that you have had to let go over the past while. It will be good to find a new normal and to find you again.


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