Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Damage Report to Date 7.30a.m.EST

It looks as if the major part of the storm has now passed, after howling winds most of the night, and the continuous heavy rain which will go on and on and on.

The only downed tree in the neighborhood that I can see is mine!

the lovely old wild cherry on the patio is now more or less resting in the yard next door. What you see is sky where there was a huge tree, planted by birds many years ago.

It did not fall on any people or houses, though, and was nowhere near any power lines.

In fact we never lost power at all, good old PSEandG, and we've had worse nor'easters than this so called hurricane. But there's flooding everywhere, and will be more. The town I live in is on a sandy soil, so the drainage is terrific, but friends in other towns may not be as lucky.

All in all, Irene did not live up to her billing, and I'm glad of it.


  1. Very glad to hear that the worst has passed and that you're safe.

  2. We were thinking of you last night. Thank you for posting and letting us know you are all right, as are your neighbours. Sorry about the cherry tree...always sad to lose a tree. - J (Cowtown)

  3. Good you're OK. Sorry about the tree though. I'm thinking of changing my name so if I tell someone I'm coming to visit they won't feel they have to dash about with sheets of plywood to protect their windows.

  4. Gracious! I see what you mean. That's very sad indeed. Glad you are ok otherwise.

  5. I'm so glad to hear that nothing major happened in your neck of the woods. Always sad when a big tree goes though.

  6. I'm glad you're safe. It is a shame about the tree, but very lucky that it didn't damage anything else during its toppling.

  7. As everyone else has already said, shame about the tree, but happy you're safe, and also not without power.


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