Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It will all be fine

It occurs to me, dear blogistas, that it might be nerve wracking to check in here each day wondering what you are going to read, because we simply don't know what's happening and at what rate.

But be assured that all will be well. HP is peaceful, beyond understanding his surroundings, not anxious, occasionally aware of me, and yesterday spoke a word to me, and we hope it will all go on quietly.

However it goes, though, it will be okay. The last full sentence he managed, last week when a friend was visiting, was "As long as Liz is here, it's all okay."

I will keep on posting, but don't be anxious, what's happening is what he wanted. And what I want for him, too. I now have wonderful help all around me, and the living room where his bed has been for the last few years, has a nice view of the patio and all the houseplants in my custody while my neighbor is away, as well as our own flowers and plants, morning sunshine, birdsong, quiet music playing.

I talk to him just in case he can hear and understand, and pass on your good wishes, too.


  1. I can hear the peace in your voice and I know that is exactly how you feel. I also am quite sure that your HP is at peace too knowing that he is in good care - and loved.

  2. It sounds like things are unfolding as expected, but with the comfort and grace only personal care by a loved one can bring. In our culture we usually begin and end our lives in an institution and follow corporate guidelines in the process. Liz and HP are demonstrating the original, natural way of bringing life to full circle. Wishing you strength, courage and peace of soul - Jean & family in Cowtown

  3. my thoughts are with you both

  4. It sounds like a state of grace for both of you. Sort of a twilight between two souls who have spent so many years together. Do keep talking, I bet he hears you.


  5. Oh to have such gentle and loving care when I go. You are all he needs.


  6. You do bring a grace to your days, Liz. I am indeed checking in every day, but with no trepidation, just caring. Love to you!

  7. Peace and love to you and HP, Liz. I truly understand.

  8. It's not anxious making for me - I'm sad for you, and for he, and I hope that it continues to go quietly for you both.

    It's also very instructive, if that makes any sense. We hide ourselves away from this - from the natural conclusion of our lives - and it seems like we don't talk about it. To read about your experiences, your choices, and your days...it gives me a sense of what it is, and how it can be approached. With dignity, and compassion, and love - and, yes, sadness - but not with fear.


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