Friday, August 19, 2011

Treasure Everywhere! the journal, home again

Thanks so much everyone for taking part in this wonderful artwork. I have been marveling at the contributions, some funny, some seriously good artworks, some both (!) and what a treat it is to have it back with me. This one I created using a lot of art I put into it, with plenty of room for other contributions, and I think it worked nicely.

Since it started its journey around half the globe, many of us have had major life changes, some losses, some great additions, so this journal celebrates the Great Us!
And the words to live by, on the cover, accompanying the Japanese woodblock print from the nineteenth century, a real one, rescued by me from a fleamarket, are If at first you don't succeed, use a bigger hammer! which is what the workmen in the print seem to be doing.

Hali's paintings, that bamboo is wonderful! then the color work, just lovely

Eepy in top form here, this detail shows the poem, click to enlarge and read, and a bit later you'll see the complete pages.

Dogonart, aka Irene, bust out in all directions, with collages, ATCs some with pebblehead figures, some stitched, art embroidery. Watch for more of these as you read.

MaryAnn, endless talent and great fun, all in one double spread. She makes it look so eeeeeeasy...

More Dogonart as promised

Here's the whole spread from Eepy as mentioned earlier. The poem is obscured in here, which is why I did the detail above

Heather ALWAYS has a different and new take with thoughts to study

Joyce took us on a trip! I like reading about travel..let someone else do the pedalling..

More dogonart, like I said, she went mad creating, and I'm very glad she did

Annie's contribution is just lovely to look at and think about.

Thank you everyone for your marvellous contributions and your patience in what turned out to be a longer chronology than we expected, but, oh well,life is short, art long. Vita brevis, ars longa.

Both are wonderful!!


  1. Loved seeing everyone's contribution and enjoyed visiting my pebble head babies again. Those pebbles are from Cape May which is a lovely shared memory with you.

  2. What lovely art and words. Sorry I missed this one.

  3. How wonderful - each artist has such a different style from the others and yet the whole goes together so well. I'm sure you will enjoy looking at this over and over and feeling the love that went into each creation. Aren't Irene's pebble heads great?!!

  4. Fun to see the Journal completed!

    I hope the notes, cards and letters won't taper off too soon - it's the kind of company one can enjoy in silence when making the effort to communicate verbally is too tiring.

  5. Do you know about this?


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