Thursday, August 4, 2011

Another Day, more changes

HP is now no longer able even to swallow medication, even in liquid form. So his seizure medications are now not possible, perhaps not even necessary any more. But he seems to be mostly calm and just quietly ticking over. Visitors last evening, people coming over after work, and HS came, too. He knows us mostly, can't speak, but tries to, so we fill in the blanks.

During the night I suddenly thought, oh, HP's awake, I'll go down and see if he wants anything. He hadn't made a sound. Just an intuitive thought. So I did, and he was awake and a bit worried, so I talked to him for a bit and he smiled, and went to sleep without using any meds at all.

So now we just enjoy what we can enjoy of what's left to us.

I took pictures of the rest of the flowers from that wonderful bouquet he received back there. The carnations and freesia and baby's breath are still doing well, so they are a new arrangement. Interestingly, people coming in say, oh, another lovely bouquet in place of the other one. Not realizing these were in there all along.

The baby's breath will go forever, though. I will put it in with my collection from flowers from HS and HP over the years, of baby's breath, so it will be here for years. I love the starry quality of baby's breath and how it transforms the shapes around it.

So here it is, in the obligatory Lenox vase (Lenox being one of the famous NJ potteries, a few miles from here, beloved of people giving leaving gifts -- that's where my two came from, when I left jobs!)

and seen from above, the way you see it when you come downstairs


  1. You're in my thoughts as always. Will be away from the computer for the next couple of days but will check in as soon as I'm home. Live for the precious moments.


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